In any open relationship, there must be some form of parameters or
agreements that define any relationship outside the primary partnership.  
Ours are quite simple, but needed to be written down for future reference and

Budding emotional and mental relationships are discussed as feelings arise.  
While these do harbor some potential risk of harm, physical relationships will
more directly effect the health and long term well being of our partners.  

When we engage anyone outside the relationship in a sexual manner (defined
as Simple/complex energy play to physical contact through sexual
intercourse) we follow some standard rules, that are designed to keep us
and our relationships “healthy.”  Here they are:

1.  Safer Sex is non-negotiable.  We have two types of intimacy, those
people who we have sat down with (see #2) who are considered “
Known,” and
those who have not had the discussion/negotiations and are considered
Unknown.”  For each category, there are specific parameters.

a. Known
i.   Genital to genital contact is always with a barrier.
ii.  Toys wear condoms  
iii. Oral to genital – negotiated case by case
iv. Hand to genital – negotiated case by case

b. Unknown
i.   No Genital to genital contact is permitted
ii.  Toys wear condoms
iii. Oral genital – always barrier
iv. Hand to genital – always gloves

2. Negotiations or discussions will be in a neutral location and
include all effected people, including primary partners and/or
 This will include all pertinent medical history.  After this, we will
discuss it alone, then make a decision about becoming intimate with the
person or people.  

3.  Caveats –
a. Veto Rights
– Either partner can Veto any person for any reason at any
  1.  Permanently – Person is taken off the table.  Period.
  2.  Temporary – Person is tabled until such time as other partner agrees.

b. Secrets –
When it comes to relationships and others, we do not keep anything from
each other.  Our relationship is based primarily on trust and open-hearted
communication.   Our longevity and love is based on this principle.  Please
keep this in mind when you communicate with us.  


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